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WhiteStone: A Masonic and Eastern Star community, is our Continuing Care Retirement Community that was incorporated 1912 (opened in November of 1913) to meet the long term care needs of our Sisters and Brothers.  In the Early 1900's legend has it that a Brother Monroe visited a county home and was dismayed at the conditions of which an aged Brother was living, and decided that The Grand Lodge should do a better job of taking care of distressed Brother Master Masons and their Widows.  In 1903, a resolution to start the Home at a Grand Lodge meeting was passed. During the following years the project had a hard time getting started and thus in 1908, The Grand Chapter of North Carolina, Order of the Eastern Star agreed to help start the Home.  In 1910, an agreement was reached between The Grand Lodge and The Grand Chapter to sponsor The Masonic and Eastern Star Home.  In 1912, the cornerstone was laid and more than a year later the first residents moved into the Home. The community was originally established on 25 acres of land in Greensboro, NC (on which it still sits today) with $5,000 in assets.


Continuing Care Retirement Community

Today we provide:


  1. 54 single story Independent Living homes

  2.  Residential Living studio and 1 bedroom apartments

  3.  Independent Living apartments featuring 1 and 2 bedroom options which opened in July of 2012

  4.  Home Care provides services such as medication assistance, bathing, health monitoring, an on-site clinic and other services

  5. 88 Nursing Home beds which are dually certified for Medicare and Medicaid

  6. Dementia care on the campus in a specific 12 bed unit designed to take care of those with Alzheimer's disease


Amenities of the community include an indoor pool, gated 24/7 security, a state of the art fitness center, an on site medical clinic and pharmacy, full activity programs and a dining room that provides 3 meals a day.



WhiteStone has continued to make numerous improvements in quality and services over the past several years.  The Linville building has been renovated, adding a new clubhouse featuring a new library, resident store, activity lounge, and game room.  In May of 2012, the community added a fellowship hall, coffee shop/bistro, arts and crafts area, outdoor dining area and a brand new dining room featuring a revamped restaurant style menu and buffet option.



The community is run by a 20 member board of directors consisting of 12 Masons and 8 Eastern Star Members, and managed by Life Care Services,  a professional Management Company based out of Des Moines,  Iowa.  Mark Kolada has been the Executive Director for the past 8 years.  Brother Mark is a Member of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home Chapter #379, and is currently serving as Worthy Patron.



The Masonic and Eastern Star Home was affectionately referred to as ”the Home” for most of us for many years.  In 2008, the Board decided it would be prudent to add a name that would attract a wider population looking for a Retirement Community, thus the name WhiteStone. This name is derived from the first administrator (Mr. White) and the first residents (Mr. & Mrs. Stone).



The charity program at WhiteStone currently consists of three programs:


1)   Direct charity in the WhiteStone community,


2)   An outreach program featuring the medical equipment and  an information hotline, and


3)   An adopt a resident program.



The direct charity program at WhiteStone provides financial assistance to fraternal residents in the form of assisting them to pay for things such as room and board, medical supplies, pharmacy and other expenses, that the residents otherwise could not afford to pay for by themselves.  Currently, the community subsidizes approximately 37 fraternal residents at a total estimated cost of $1.1M.



In 2012 a new foundation, named the North Carolina Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation, LLC was established to administer and fund all fraternal charity at WhiteStone.  Lodges, chapters and individual donors who would like their contributions directed to support those that are fraternally related are encouraged to make their contributions directly to the North Carolina Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation, LLC.



This Foundation is currently accepting applications of any Masonic and Eastern Star Members or their families who need financial assistance.  In 2014, the NC Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation LLC  had 11 fraternal applications approved to receive financial assistance.



Today Whitestone has 300+ residents, 230+ staff members, and many family and friends, who appreciate our continued support of the Home and encourage you to stop by and visit them when you are in Greensboro.

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