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Honorees & Appointments

OES Organizational Structure

The General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, was organized by a convention of delegates of independent Grand Chapters (the jurisdictional bodies over chapters in states or provinces) on the fifteenth and sixteenth days of November 1876. The official title of the organization is: General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. The office of the General Grand Chapter is located in our International Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

General Grand Chapter

General Grand Honorees & Appointments

GGC Honorees

Distinguished Members

(Having appointments to the General Grand Chapter)

Past General Grand Chapter Family Members


Nolan K. Hunnicutt - Worthy Grand Warder  1934-1937


Edna C. Moag - Worthy Grand Esther  1952-1955


Hilda Halliburton - Worthy Grand Electa  1964-1967


Kathryn McRacken - Worthy Grand Marshal  1979-1982


Edith G. Sims - Worthy Grand Martha  1988-1991


Opal D. Long - Worthy Grand Warder  1994-1997


Gwen Oakley - Worthy Grand Esther  2012-2015

General Grand Appointments




Gwen Oakley


Past Grand Matron


Helen Lentz


Past Grand Matron



Janet Dorsett


Past Grand Matron


Ellen Brooks


Worthy Grand Matron


Linda Hyatt

GGCCM-Chair of International


Past Grand Matron


Donna Yates


Public Relations

Past Grand Matron


Fran Southern


Past Grand Matron


Susan Jackson



Service Dogs

Past Grand Matron


Betty Harris


Past Grand Matron


Richard Owen


Past Grand Patron


Al Haynes


Regenerative Medicine

Past Grand Patron


Lavaun Taylor


Past Grand Patron

Steve Burgess


Scottish Rite

Past Grand Patron


Kenneth Ezzell


Unfinished Business

Past Grand Patron


David Sawyer

Triennial Assembly

Committee-Who's Who &



Making a positive difference in the world with charitable outreach,
lasting friendships, and loving kindness towards all mankind.

There are several organizations and businesses in the world that use the name “Eastern Star”.

On this website, we are referring to the fraternal organization known as The General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, and its affiliated Grand Chapters and Subordinate Chapters.

If your interest is learning more about the Order of the Eastern Star, or potentially joining the Eastern Star family, you are in the right place!

Please explore our website as there is a lot of information available which may pleasantly surprise you.

Our History

OES Origins

The origins of the Order of the Eastern Star dates back to the mid-19th century. Dr. Rob Morris was a Freemason, Master Mason and Poet Laureate of Masonry, who made it is his mission to share the principles of Masonry with women. He and his wife, Charlotte Mendenhall Morris, developed the concepts and beliefs that formed the foundation for the Order of the Eastern Star.

OES Foundation

The foundation of the Order utilizes beautiful and inspiring Biblical examples of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the noble principles which should adorn the personal lives of all Eastern Star members. Eastern Star strives to build an environment for our members, and our Order, that is truly dedicated to Charity, Truth, and Loving Kindness by uplifting each other and through service in our local communities.

The real origin of the Order of the Eastern Star, like Masonry, will always be shrouded in mystery. Many researchers believe it had a French origin as early as 1703. By some, this is claimed to be the first inception of “Female Masonry” or “Androgynous Degrees,” i.e., degrees for both men and women. There appeared at that time to be a demand for “Side Degrees” or Degrees conferred on ladies and quite a list sprang up: “Heroines of Jericho,” “Danger in the Dark,” “Tall Cedars of Lebanon,” and others. These were extensively used, but soon fell into decay due to lack of lasting worth.

The real origin and honor of the Eastern Star initiatory degrees belongs to Dr. Rob Morris and this origin comes under the First Era. It wasn’t until 1850, while confined to his home after an accident, that Dr. Morris fully developed the Eastern Star Degrees. During this time, he carefully thought out the symbolism, the significance of the floor plan and the corps of officers. He also established the Order’s signs and passes; the colors and emblems; and defined the fundamental principles that have remained unchanged throughout the years. The so-called mysteries of the Order were communicated freely to all Master Masons and their relatives. Dr. Morris and other prominent Master Masons gave many lectures and conferred the degrees on many ladies throughout the nation.

Dr. Rob Morris, Poet Laureate of Masonry and founder of the Order of the Eastern Star, was also never quite satisfied that all the good in Masonry should be confined to men. Dr. Morris felt that Masonry should be for the whole family, but the laws of the ancient Order of Masonry did not allow women to be eligible for its degrees. Knowing he could not change the Ancient Landmarks of Masonry, Dr. Morris sought to develop a method by which women could share with the Masonic Brothers the same inspiration that “prompts man to noble deeds” and the basis for the Order of Eastern Star was born.

The First Era of the Order of Eastern Star extended from 1850 to 1866, under Dr. Morris’ leadership. In 1850, Dr. Morris selected the Biblical heroines representing the heroic conduct, high moral values and noble principles of this fledgling Order. The Second Era extended from 1866 to 1876, under the leadership of Robert Macoy of New York. The Third Era, 1876 to the present time, saw the establishment of the General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. Of these Eras, the first is perhaps the most important as it prepared the way for the other two.

The first ceremony book for the Order was compiled and published under the title of “The Rosary of the Eastern Star.” In 1866, Dr. Morris became associated with Mr. Robert Macoy, who took over the planning and organization of the Order. In 1867 and 1868, Mr. Macoy compiled and published a Ritual, using Dr. Morris’ Rosary as a guide. This was the beginning of the organization of the Chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star in the United States, as well as internationally. The first Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was organized in Michigan in 1867.

While the Order of the Eastern Star has evolved over time, its tenets, ceremonies and fundamental principles have remained relatively unchanged. The Order is an active and successful worldwide fraternal, non-profit, charitable service organization with dedicated members who are making a positive difference in their local communities and ultimately, the world.

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