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Grand Chapter Committees

Grand Chapter Scholarship

Angela Lippard, PM- 1 year

Brent Bailey, PP-2 years

Mary Lee Kosik,PM-3 years

Nancy Greene, PM-4 years

Jean Bolton, PM-5 years

Harvest Festival Craft Fair

Gloria Scott,PM-Chairman

Dean Cheek,PGP-Co-chairman
Elva Cheek,PM

Grand Chapter Hospitality

Rosemary Bramigk,PM


Michael Harriett, PP
Mike Underwood,PGP

Charters and Dispensations

David Bramigk, WGP

Mike Underwood, PGP

Dennis Edwards, AGP-Ex-Officio

Grand Chapter Social Events

Marge Hudson, PGM
Marilyn Cook, PM
Marcil Hurt, PM
Della Sperlbaum, PM
Sheila Coble, PM
Pam Mosier, PM

Regenerative Medicine

Albert Haynes, PGP-2 years-Chairman

Amy Jo Hoth, AGM-1 year
Linda Albers, PM-5 years
Jim Lassiter, PP-3 years
Don Alderman, PP-4 years

GGCCM Luncheon

Debbie Owen, PGM

Midnight Breakfast

Donna Chesser, PGM-Chair

Thomas Jackson,PGP-Co-Chair

Distinguished Guest Banquet

Libby West, PGM
Susan Jackson, GGCCM, PGM

Tar Heel Star News

Betsy Rhew, PM-4 years-Chair

Eunice Tulloss, PM-1 year
Margaret Altman,PM-2 years
Ed Clay,PP-3 years
Connie Queen Hutchens,PM-5 years

Worthy Grand Matron's Scrapbook

Della Sperlbaum, PM

Clearing Committee

Betty Jo Yommer, WGM-Chairman

Helen Lentz,GGCCM, PGM

Gwen Oakley, GGCCM, PGM

Louise Taylor, PGM, Grand Secretary

Worthy Grand Patron's Scrapbook

Rebbie Clay, PM

Christmas at WhiteStone

Linda Burris, PM


Each chapter's secretary


Hope Rathbone, PM-1 years

Shannon Griffith, PM-2 years
Jenny Shrewsberry, PM-3 years
Elaina Back, PM-4years


Fran Southern, GGCCM,PGM-1years

Beatrice Harriett, PM -2 years

Kenny White, PP-3 years

Worthy Grand Matron's Membership Book

Linda Albers, PM

Entertainment of Distinguished Guests

Doris Burgess, PM

Service Dogs

Susan Jackson, GGCCM,PGM-Chair 2 years

Jimmy Hyatt, PP-1 year
Sandy Johnson, PM, -3 years
Rosemary Gray, PM-4 years
Allison Harriett, PM-5 years


Betty Bisbee, PGM

Linda Hyatt, PGM

WM/WP Membership Luncheon

Susan Matney,PM

Easter at WhiteStone

Grand Chapter Church Service

Philip Hudson, PGP

Grand Chapter General Arrangements

Donna Yates, GGCCM,PGM


Ann McLaughlin, PGM -5 years
Julia MacIntosh, PGM - 4 years
To Be Elected - 3 years
Helen Lentz, GGCCM,PGM - 2 years
Ellen Brooks, GGCCM, PGM - 1 year

Camp Gray Rock Board of Directors

Brent Bailey, PP-1 years

Tom Setzer, PP-1 years

Joey Brooks, PP-2 years

Randy Smith, PP-2 years

Dean Cheek, PGP-3 years

Gloria Scott, PM-3 years

Billy Ireland, PP-4 years

Bob Gunn, PP-4 years

Mike Underwood, PGP-5 years

Karen Pahl, PM-5 year

Historical Committee

Elizabeth Simone, PGM

Shirley Hamilton, PGM

Carolyn Winchester,PGM

Marie Mizelle,PGM

Elizabeth "Libby" West,PGM

Linda Bonner,PGM

Donna Yates,GGCCM,PGM

Albert Haynes,GGCCMPGP

James "Jim" Tyson,PGP

Grand Chapter Decorating

Linda Lyerly,PM

Proficiency Questionaire

Delarius Harris,PM

NC Eastern Star Foundation

Betty Harris, PM-1 year

Sandra Hughes, PM-2 year

Susan Matney,PM-3 years

Andrew Gene Taylor,PP-4 years

Ron Sperlbaum,PP-5 years

Doxiene Smith, PM-6 years

Thomas Jackson,PGP-7 years


Kelly O'Malley, GGCCM,PGM VA


Kenny White, Grand Chaplain

District Projects

Amy King, PM

Spring Trip

Mary Howell, PM

Travel Club Banquet

Regina Ireland, PM

Grand Trustees

Susan Jackson,GGCCM,PGM

A.B. Scott, PGP

Libby West,PGM

Book of Instruction

Ann McLaughlin, PGM,Grand Lecturer

Amy Jo Hoth, AGM

Norma Underwood, Gr. Conductress

Lori Adams, AGC

Helen Lentz,GGCCM PGM

Betty Jo Yommer, WGM-Ex-Officio

Disaster and Benevolence

Scott Queen, PP -1 year

Betsy Rhew, PM- 2 years

Bill Horne, PGP-3 years

Sheila Lassiter, PM -4 years

Janelle Ezzell, PM -5 years


Joey Brooks, PP

Website Committee

Rebbie Clay, PM - 5 years

To Be Appointed - 4 years

Paul Miller, PP - 3 years

Genia Boswell, PM - 2 years

Amy Jo Hoth, AGM - 1 year


Pam Hall, PM Chairman

Finance Committee

William "Bill" Horne, Jr., PGP - 2 years -Chairman

Linda Woolard, PM - 1 year

Robert McLaughlin,PGP-3 years

Lavaun Taylor, GGCCM, PGP-4 years

Gwen Oakley,GGCCM,PGM-5 years

Appeals and Grievancies

Susan Jackson,GGCCM, PGM

Janet Dorsett,GGCCM,PGM

Committee on Districts

Betty Jo Yommer, WGM-Chair

David Bramigk, WGP

Amy Jo Hoth, AGM

Dennis Edwards, AGP

Worthy Grand Patron's Membership Book

Beverly Rummage, PM

Rob Morris Celebration

Jacalyn Thomas, PM

WhiteStone Board of Directors

Linda Hyatt,PGM-1 years

Linda Burris,PM-2 years

Allen Hughes,PGP-3 years

Linda Bonner, PGM-4 years

David Griffith, PP-5 years

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