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Grand Chapter Appointive Committees 2017 - 2018
Don Alderman, PP, Chairman
Polly Knight, PM, Co-chairman

Unfinished Business
Linda Hyatt,PGM, Chairman
Jim Tyson, PGP, Co-Chairman

Appeals and Grievances
Ann McLaughlin, PGM, Chairman
Sue Frye, PGM

Connie Stowe, Grand Chaplain

Carolyn Winchester, PGM
Marge Hudson, PGM

Charters and Dispensations
Lavaun Taylor, PGP, Chairman
Faye Gatton, PGM
William Horne, WGP

Helen Lentz, WGM
Ann McLaughlin, PGM, Chm. Jurisprudence
Robert McLaughlin, PGP, Chm. Finance
Kay Evans, Grand Secretary, PM

Committees on Districts
Helen Lentz, WGM, Chairman
William Horne, WGP
Debbie Owen, AGM
Allen Hughes, AGP

Grand Chapter Scholarship Fund
Brent Bailey, PP, 1 year
Kay Evans, Grand Secretary, 2 years
Terrie Evans, PM, 3 years
Beatrice Harriett, PM, 4 years
Angela Lippard, PM, 5 years

ESTARL Scholarship Fund
Alice Smith, PGM, 1 year
Don Alderman, PP, 2 years
James Woolard, PGP, 3 years

Book of Instruction
Marjorie Hudson, PGM, Chairman
Ann McLaughlin, PGM, Chm. Jurisprudence
Debbie Owen, AGM
Louise Taylor, Grand Conductress
Ellen Brooks, Associate Grand Conductress

Historical Committee
Richard Owen, PGP-Chairman
Libby West, PGM
John Masson, PGP
Donna Chesser, PGM
Linda Bonner, PGM
Janet Doesett, PGM
Donna Yates, PGM
Susan Jackson, PGM
Peggy Pilson, PGM
Fran Southern, PGM
Linda Hyatt, PGM

Forms Committee
Helen Lentz, WGM
Kay Evans, Grand Secretary
Debbie Owens, AGM
Louise Taylor, Grand Conductress
Ellen Brooks, Associate Grand Conductress

Michelle Suratt, Grand Organist, Chairman
Alice Jane Jones, PM, Co-Chairman
Alice Jane Jones, PM

Assistant Grand Organist
Janie Shaw, PM, Chairman
Charlotte McLaurin, PM
Alice Jane Jones, PM
Roy West, PP
Barbara Taylor, PP

Grand Choir
Daphne Jordan, PM, Choir Director

Phylis Willette, PM

Disaster and Benevolent Fund
Amy-Jo Fischer, PM- 1 year
Thomas Setzer, PP, 2 years
Jerry Jarvis, PGP, 3 years
Thomas Collie, PGP, 4 years
Sue Frye, PGM-5 years

Proficiency Questionnaire
Wanda Boyles, PM

Midnight Breakfast 2017
Jeanie Eller, PM, Chairman
Fran Southern, PGM, Co-Chairman

Travel Club Banquet
Sue Frye, PGM-Chairman
Amy Jo Fischer, PM-Co-chairman
E. Dean Cheek, PGP-Co-chairman

Worthy Grand Matron’s Storybook
Gail Powell, PM, Co-chairman
Esther Johnson, PM, Co-chairman
Libby West, PGM, Co-chairman

Worthy Grand Patron’s Photo Album
Denise Martinello, PM, Co-chairman
Margaret Altman, PM, Co-chairman
Jan Dunning, PM, Co-chairman

Worthy Grand Matron’s Honorary Membership Book
Barbara Flowers, PM

Worthy Grand Patron’s Honorary Membership Book
Janice Wolfe, PM

Margaret R. Griffin Peanut Project – NC Eastern Star Foundation
Rick Bean, PP

District Projects – Grand Chapter Scholarship
Walter Highsmith, PP, Chairman

“Clasped Hands” Pin-NC ES Foundation
Allen Hughes, PP

“Stick Out Your Neck”, 6 Pocket Tote-Masonic Youth Groups
Ellen Brooks, AGC

“Gotcha Covered” Vinyl Covers-Disaster and Benevolence
Linda Albers, PM

Poptops and Provisions-Benefiting NC Ronald McDonald Houses
Betty Jo Yommer, PM, Co-chairman
Linda Lyerly, PM, Co-chairman

“Socks for Sweet Soles” Providing socks to Shelters
Alice Jane Jones, PM

“I Love To Tell The Story” Yearbook
Pam Mosier, PM

Camp Gray Rock Craft Fair
Gloria Scott, PM, Chairman

Rob Morris Celebration
Alice Jane Jones, PM, Chairman
Lori Adams, PM, Co-chairman
Marcia Deans, WM, Co-chairman

First Aid
Marcia Deans, WM, Chairman
Betsy Rhew, PM, Co-chairman

Grand Chapter Church Service
Steve Burgess, PGP

Grand Chapter Memorial Service
Linda Bonner, PGM-Chairman
Tom Setzer, PP-Co-chairman
Jean Bolton, Co-chairman

Grand Chapter Decorating
Ron Reid, PP

Grand Chapter General Arrangements
Ann McLaughlin, PGM

Grand Chapter Housing
Phil Hudson, PGP, Chairman
Virgil Torrence, PGP, Co-chairman

Chief Page
Susan Matney, PM

Co-chief Page
Doxiene Smith, PM
Kathy Phillips, PM

Lights and Sound
Caitlyn Brooks
Ron Reid, PP

Steve Burgess, PGP

Mike Underwood, PP

THSN Reporters – Each Chapter’s Associate Matron

Social Events

Grand Chapter Social Events
Judy MacIntosh, PGM

Distinguished Guest Banquet
Susan Jackson, PGM-Chairman
Diane Collins, PM-Co-chairman

Entertainment of Distinguished Guests
Marie Allen, PM- Chairman
Sharon Soderena, PM-Co-chairman
Terrie Evans, PM-Co-chairman

2018 WMs and WPs Luncheon
Pam Mosier, PM-Chairman
June Scott, WM-Co-chairman

GC Hospitality
Bonnie Highsmith, PM-Chairman
Mae Lanham, PM-Co-chairman
Barbara Klack, PM-Co-chairman

2018 Candidates Party
Phylis Willette

Rob Morris Celebration
Alice Jane Jones, PM-Chairman
Lori Adams, PM-Co-chairman
Marcia Deans, WM-Co-chairman

Mary Nell Howell, PM- Fall trip
Robert McLaughlin, PGP,-Spring trip

2018-2019 Midnight Breakfast
Libby West, PGM-Chairman
Phylis Willette, PM-Co-chairman
Carolyn Riggs, PM-Co-chairman
Grand Chapter Elected Committees 2017 - 2018
Ann McLaughlin, PGM-1 year
Susan Jackson, PGM-2 years
Susan Frye, PGM-3 years
Frances Southern, PGM-4 years
Libby West, PGM-5 years

Robert McLaughlin, PGP-1 year
James Lassiter, PP-2 years
Janelle Ezell,PM-3 years
Steve Burgess, PGP-4 years
Judy MacIntosh, PGM-5 years

BOD Whitestone
Wayne Southern, PP- 1 year
Don Aldernan,PP-2 years
James Woolard, PGP-3 years
Rex Evans, PGP-4 years
Linda Hyatt, PGM-5 years

BOD Camp Gray Rock Inc.
Marsha Lawrence, PM-1 year
Ken Ezzell, PGP, 1 year
Al Haynes, PGP, 2 years
E, Dean Cheek, PGP-2 years
James Watson, PP- 3 years
Regina Ireland, PM-3 years
Richard Owen, PGP-4 years
Amy Jo Fischer, PM-4 years
Brent Bailey, PP-5 years
Tom Setzer, PP-5 years

THSN Publication Committee
Sheila Lassiter, PM-Chairman- 4 years
Margaret Altman, PM-1 year
Rebbie Clay, PM-2 years
Norma F. Underwood, PM-3 years
Elizabeth Unger, PM-5 years

NCES Foundation
Philip Hudson, PGP-Chairman-4 years
Roy Harris, PP-1 year
Ronald Sperlbaum, PP-2 years
Tilley Jordan, PM, 3 years
Kaye Whitehurst, PM-5 years
Sandra Hughes, PM-6 years
Susan Matney, PM-7 years

Buddy Kimmons, PP-2 years
Lisa Barbee, PM-3 years
Michael Albers, PP-4 years
Michael Klack, PP-5 years
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