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Colonial Initiation Performances

What It Is:

                    What if you could visit a residence in the 1860's and attend an early Eastern Star meeting?  You can have that opportunity by attending one of the performances of our Grand Chapter's Colonial Initiation teams coordinated by Sister Alice Smith, PGM.



Sept 11, 2010 Rose #178   Team "1"
Oct 2, 2010 Clemmons #373   Team "2"
Nov 20, 2010 AREME #372   Team "1"
Jan 8, 2010 Jacksonville #237   Team "2"

Cast Members: (Partial List)


Team "1"    Team "2"
Worthy Patron Mike Klack  Steve Burgess
Worthy Matron Betty Bisbee  Janie Pearce
Associate Matron Della Sperlbaum  Frances Warwick
Associate Patron "Not Used"   "Not Used"
Secretary Barbara Klack Angela Rutherford
Treasurer Kathleen Holden/Linda Masson Lucy Herring/Linda Masson
Conductor Pamela Smith Susan Jackson
Associate Conductor Linda Wilson Greta Torrence
Organist Jean Bolton Daphne Jordan
Adah Jean Sisk Grace Kaiding
Ruth Linda Hyatt Linda Hyatt
Esther Janet Dorset Shirley Cranford
Martha Peggy Pilson Jeanine Milner
Electa Valta Wensil Verna Hancock
Warder Betty Kelly Maxine Hall
Sentinel Nancy Foltz Patsy Hulen


Bonnie Hunsicker

Martha Zeitler

Bonnie Hunsicker

Martha Zeitler


Bernie Ellinghaus

Paul Pilson

Carl Hunsicker

Ron Sperlbaum

Virgil Torrence

Earl Daughtry

Jerome Hall

David Lewis


We all know that Dr. Robert Morris, was the master builder of the Order of the Eastern Star.  When  he was

principal at “The Little Red Brick School House” in Richland, Mississippi.  Dr. Robert Morris with his wife

Charlotte worked on writing our Ritual.  The first Ritual was compiled and published under the title of “The

Rosary of the Eastern Star.”


In the early days a chapter consisted of 13 sisters. They were Worthy Matron, Associate Matron, Secretary,

Treasurer, Conductor, Associate Conductor, Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, Electa, Warder and Sentinel.  The only

Master Mason was the Worthy Patron.  However, any Master Mason could attend a chapter meeting without being a

member, but the Worthy Patron had to make sure they were Master Masons in good standing.


When Dr. Morris wrote the Ritual he place lots of symbolism in each Star Point lectures and went into more

detail of each of the heroines life.  A chapter in the early days, did not have star points emblems, officers did

not wear officers jewels.  It was at the discretion of the Worthy Matron if she wished to let the star points wear

aprons of the colors of their stations.


Why is it called the Colonial Degree?   In the early days chapters were not held in Masonic building because

our Masonic brothers did not recognize the Order of the Eastern Star.  Our early meeting were then held in

Colonial Homes, or business who had rooms big enough to hold a meeting.


John and Linda Masson had the pleasure to see this degree put on when they were in California, and it was a very impressive ceremony.  When they came to NC, they learned that the members never heard of the Colonial Degree (sometimes called the Rocking Chair Degree).  They contacted California and asked if they could get a copy of the degree, and the rest is history.


My Sisters and Brothers, we strongly urge to attend the Colonial Degree, Please make an effort to see one, I assure you that you will amazed and will never forget it.


(The above info was provided John Masson, PGP.)

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